“Football is simple, but the hardest thing is to play simple football”
Johann Cruyff


Term Programs | Development TrainingĀ Groups:
Designed for basic to intermediate level players, Our Development training groups is where our program pathway begins. A challenging hour for players aged 5 – 11 years, focussing on developing all basic techniques and footwork as well as taking part in small sided games with a large emphasis on pass and move football.

Senior Development Training Groups
Designed for players aged 12 – 16 years focussing on the next phase of our development programs. Much more emphasis on possession based games and further advanced technical work as well as larger scale passing excercises.

1:1 Private Coaching:
An intense hour of training with one coach and one player. Our Private training sessions focus on the players individual technique and footwork. Strengthening weaknesses as well as developing attributes of the players position.
Private Sessions can also be held at a park near you. (Subject to coach availability)

School Holiday Training Camps:
An enjoyable and challenging way to spend time off school. Players will be introduced to new and creative coaching focussing on improving technique and devloping skils in a professional and enjoyable training environment.

Team and Small Group training:
Focussing on team and group orientated exercises, involving small sided posession based games in a challenging and competitive environment. Groups can vary from 3 players to 16 players.

Create and Produce Individual highlight DVD’s:
Footage must be supplied on DVD or Digital Video tape format and we will create and produce a professional highlight DVD for you. These are great to keep for yourself or even Send to contacts to gain interest in yourself.

School Sports Programs
An enjoyable school-based program designed in conjunction with the PDHPE K-6 curriculum.
Students are able to attend a fun, exciting football program which covers many parts of the PDHPE curriculum.

** For available term programs and holiday camps, view the “coming up” section of our website**

Private one on one sessions or Small Group sessions (SYD)
Please contact us to organise a suitable time and venue.

Costs involved are below;
Payment blocks are prefferred, Blocks of 4 – 6 weeks are encouraged.

Individual Buddy Small Group
(One on One) (2 Players) (3 Players / Over 3 Players)
$70 $50pp $40pp / $30pp

* All sessions are for one hour
** Unless Cancellation is made 24hours prior to the session commencement, the client is required to pay for this time slot.




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