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Designed and developed by Jason and Glen Trifiro, Futboltec focusses on the techniques of young footballers, as well as offering a competitive environment for good, young players to train together.

We have built our football program on the foundations of creating technically sound footballers. We focus on a playing style within our program based heavily on having possession and building goal scoring opportunities. We have found common ground in working together with clubs and club coaches to further enhance and develop all technical aspects of the individual so our work is beneficial for all.

“Every Pass is important. A bad pass loses possession and puts the team under pressure. Short passes build momentum and if you have the ball then the opponents can’t do anything”
Andres Iniesta, FC Barcelona

We have managed to create an environment that is enjoyable, challenging and different. We take pride in our image, our product and always work in complete honesty. We first focus on the person and aim to build the behaviours of good people through football. When you have good people, they are prepared, focussed and the process for developing a footballer is much more efficient.

As footballers ourselves, We look upon our program as if we were involved as young players. If we don’t want to train, we dont expect the players too. Therefore, our facilities, equipment and program in general is always the best it can be.

The only way it all falls in to place is if there is a common denominator of respect, trust and commitment.. trust in what we are teaching and trust in the player working hard at achieving results. We appreciate committed players and those who believe in our passion and allow us to have our affect on each individual. We are young, driven professionals who have a true passion for developing technical footballers. We look forward to working with you.

Jason and Glen Trifiro

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Our Partners
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